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    Vicente, Rafael

    So if someone at my organization (that uses lets say Chrome as a standard browser) we cannot have a user using MAC's Safari because we selected chrome? but wasn't V7.0 a multi-browser/Browser independent?

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    Smith, Chris (Edited )

    After doing some testing at our site with The Edge browser, I think it is about to be taken off the compatible list unless a fix is found for a certain behavior
    The Edge is doing. Having said that...

    Rafael, you can use any browser with v7 as long as it is compatible. If you have multiple compatible browsers on a single machine, such as Chrome and IE, then you can use either. A user can be on an apple in the adjacent room and use Safari to access MC at the same if they please, assuming you have enough licenses. I've tested it, it works great. Above, MC is just saying one of the browsers listed must be installed so users can use them on a given machine, but it can be any of the browsers or a mixture of them.

    Hope this helps.

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    Mona Patel

    One of our maintenance team user having difficulty login on MC express on safari. on the same iPad he can login on google chrome. if he open his account on his other co-worker's safari, it works fine. 

    When he try to login on safari, he get following message.


    Your MC Express session has expired and you have been signed out.

    Return to login page


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