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    Beams, Mark

    Last year my company gave 6 Members of our Maintenance Connection Core Team full support to attend CheckPoint.  That has been true for the last 3 years.  The company has determined that CheckPoint is very useful training.  The Core Team reviewed Road Tour in our January monthly meeting.  It made no sense to any member to travel half the way across USA for roughly 3 hours of useful training.  The Director of the company's Leadership that supports the MC Team reviewed RoadTour and had the same conclusion.   It is very disappointing that MC leadership team made the decision not to do CheckPoint.  Per MC website there will be a CheckPoint 2019.  The Team's concern that after functioning one year without CheckPoint will the company again support the expense to attend CheckPoint again.  Once tradition is broken it can be difficult to get it re-established and the money back in the budget.

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    McMinn, Jon

    Hey Mark!

    Thanks for sharing concern, we appreciate the feedback! One of the biggest factors in not having CheckPoint this year and going to the Road Tour format is based off user feedback which indicates that it can be difficult for many organizations to get the budget and travel time approved.

    We know that training is valuable to you and your organization – We’d love to have a further conversation with you about having an Implementation Consultant visit your location(s) this year. This would give you an opportunity to have dedicated training time with one of our experts who can act as a guide and provide training on the modules that matter most to you and your team. Your IC will also catch you up to speed on the latest features & fixes in Maintenance Connection, so even though you won’t be at one of our events this year you’ll still stay tuned to what’s new with the product.

    I’m going to have your Account Executive reach out to you so that they can continue the conversation :) Thank you again for your feedback!

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