Maintenance Connection v8.2 Release for On Premise - February 2018




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    Hill, Nathan

    We don't have any way to start this upgrade process in the Upgrade Center for on premise like the announcement says. We only have a "Schedule your cloud upgrade" button.

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    Mayer, Joel

    Hi, Nathan.

    Everything checks out on our end for you to proceed with the upgrade.  If you continue to receive the message above, I suggest opening a ticket with our support team so that they can assist you.


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    Ken Shampo


    I wanted to add to Joel's comment as I think I know what happened.  We had a duplicate NorthStar record which you were tied to.  Because this record was a duplicate it did not have the necessary fields filled out to display the proper message.  I have since removed the duplicate and added you to the correct North Star record.  You should be able to get to the instructions now for the v8.2 upgrade.  If you do have any further issues please let us know.

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    Hill, Nathan

    Yep, we're good now. Thanks!

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