How to Prep for the Sys Admin MC Certification Exam




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    Brush, Angela

    Can you please provide a list of the categories covered on the exam and what percentage of questions are represented in each category?

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    Allston, Jonathan (Edited )

    Hi Angela,
    I believe the info you're referring to is covered in this MCUC News Update as follows:

    I've also added this info under the "Topics Covered on the Certification Exam" segment of this page. Thanks for reaching out!

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    Garmon, Cindy

    Your link to the "Sample Test" is not valid. It redirects you to a default page with a "Home" link. Has the address changed for the sample test? If so, can you please send me the link and update the "How to prep for exam" page?

    Thank you,

    Cindy Garmon

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    Allston, Jonathan

    Thanks for the heads up on this, Cindy. I've fixed the links in the article so that they should direct you here: Certification Course Page.

    The Sample Exam can be accessed from there as long as you have purchased the course.

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